Main thing for the owner, charterer and operator is to purchase the bunkers and lubricants at the lowest cost possible and to optimize all cost. The decision taken related to bunkering point affects operating costs directly. Usual bunkering locations cause to ignore the other logical possibilities and emerge the losses in accordance to improper decision. In addition to that, loss of time is a derivative disadvantage affecting the costs. Inaccurate location causes loss of time and money. Bunkering terms, conditions, regulations and performance are not same at everywhere. Better, updating the bunkering locations favorite.

Also the decision about the quantity is another matter significant.  Less or excessive supplied products are a considerable cost for sure.  It is too senseless either having a trouble while reaching next port due to the shortness of the quantity or having an headache with cashflow while payment and less freight income due to excessive amount on board.

Bunkerist presents his experienced guidance facilities to the buyer regarding the best supplying point considering every possibilities till the port of discharge. Opportunity of the quantity supplied and the credibility issues are discussed and agreed. All issues are reviewed mutually and the target is determined. Having extra fuel on board instead of cargo or covering the credit limits with redundant fuel do not contribute to the decisions of the buyer with regard to risk management.