Global Network

Bunkering is only one facet of a vessel’s dynamic operating schedule, but is categorised as a critical operation. Stemming bunkers commands careful planning, co-ordination and co-operation between all parties involved from the point of ordering until completion of the delivery.  Commercial schedules can impose immense pressure on owners and the person in charge with bunker purchasing to stem bunkers within limited time periods.

Bunkerist is aware of your needs and expectations and offers its knowledge, observance and experience based on long years to your service. With an understanding of professionalism that will increase your power in competition and your profit, Bunkerist provides prices for each point on international waters, where bunkers and lubricants are supplied and offers its services.

This means that Bunkerist supplies whenever and wherever your needs are and of whichever quality they are. We have no doubt that our accumulation of knowledge with the cognizance of industry along with the market dynamics will meet all your expectations.

Your advantages

• Instant quotation
• Competitive prices
• Products in line with the last published ISO standards
• Cooperation based on mutual trust
• Knowledge, observance and experience
• Worldwide information network
• Delivery at the port on time as officially nominated