Fresh Water

Fresh water is always necessary for the operation of the ship. Besides meeting the daily needs of passengers and the crew on board, regarding the operation of the ship together with the water required, fresh water is used in wide range of needs as if tank, hold, deck etc. cleaning water. Vessels should keep stock at least until the next port to meet the water needs. Fresh water supply is provided in two ways as follows,

• From sea water by means of purification system on board,

• From the harbor dock connection or by means of water tankers.

Due to high sea water purification costs fresh water is mostly supplied at ports. However, the deliveries are made either by barge or truck if shore connection is not available.

Fresh water supply matters to be considered;

• Source of the product must be known and should comply with all features requested,

• Quality certificates have to be available,

• Water supply to the appropriate authorities must be notified in writing,

• The way of delivery and by which means of transport (at alongside/anchorage, by barge/truck, etc.) should be clear prior to operation,

• Characteristics of hose and manifold must be known,

• Date, time, pumping rate (m3/hour) should be agreed with the master before delivery,

• In case of delivery by barge, the side of barge convenient to supply ( port-side, starboard), VHF channel, positions should be determined for a smooth operation.

The products of the leading supplier company of fresh water at the port of your vessel are coordinated with the supply of other products stemmed and delivered simultaneously, before or after, in line with the instructions of the agent in order not to misguide the targets of the vessel. Our aim is to help your fleet to be operated much more effectively and with low costs.

We appreciate if you could let Bunkerist have the opportunity to go ahead with the performance how we will do this service for you with the competitive prices and products of local possibilities.