About Us

Carrying on business in marine sector concerning bunker and lubricant trading, brokering, after and pre-sale support services, Bunkerist Trading & Brokering is at your service with more than twenty five years of experience in the industry.

Bunkerist aims to provide a grain of professional and mental contribution to your active business life. Our basic principle is to render the best service for the customers. Our task is to ensure the on time delivery  of the products nominated considering quality and quantity in accordance with the specified terms of orders or to mediate such procedure.

The most important item among the consumables is bunker while ship owners and operators managing their fleet.

Nevertheless it is not only a matter of bunker delivery, it is also a generated partnership in financial respect. The partnership should support the efficiency of each party in order to talk about a mutual income. Therefore the bunker and lubricant purchasing is supposed to be handled by/through knowledgeable, experienced and efficient employees and parties involved. In terms of the sake and continuity of such co-operation, it is of vital importance to be a follower of the execution of after sale responsibilities.

As a member of the bunkering industry based on trust we, Bunkerist Trading & Brokering, are among those sayers who claims that ”it is an integral part of our

mission making sure each party that they are under guarantee with the confirmed terms and conditions’’.

We deem it to be an indispensable part of professionalism, our objectivity with the performance pursuant to the agreed terms and conditions regarding our brokering activities, and being the strict follower of the process. Our discipline of being equal to both of the parties shall never disappear. It is a source of pride and success for us indeed with each occasion we render service,  the satisfaction, gain and pleasure of the customers.